Welcome to Yasty.de 

My name is Matthias Müller, I am a trained chef and at www.yasty.de I provide you with my recipes and nutrition plans.

I create all the recipes myself and for everything else I have friends and acquaintances who help me.

I worked in restaurants for a total of 10 years, including most of the time at the  Goldenen Posthorn  in Nuremberg, where I also did my training.

In the meantime, there is almost only bratwurst and schnitzel, which made up a large part of the menu back then. 

But it was precisely this hearty cuisine that drove me to cook differently and, above all, to cook more healthily. This home-style cooking and the mostly overweight guests were an emergency situation for me that forced me to get creative. 

matthias muller
matthias muller

I am a trained chef and spend most of my time experimenting in my recipe laboratory. I get an X-ray view of food and only see protein, amino acids and complex carbohydrates.

I am open to different forms of nutrition and let everyone decide for themselves which form of nutrition they choose. However, my recipe ideas are mostly vegetarian and plant-based. That’s because I detest and abhor factory farming. 

I would like to show you how you can live with less meat and meet your protein needs without having to give up completely. Maybe I can inspire you to eat less meat too.

I want to help you that you achieve these nutritional goals as well as your physical line like losing weight, building muscles or simply achieving a healthy diet over the long term. And with a lot of enjoyment and joy. For long-term success.

matthias mueller yasty foodblog
matthias mueller yasty foodblog

For me, nutrition was and is everything

From my own experience, I know how important a healthier and better diet is and what benefits it brings.

I consciously always say better or healthier diet, because a “healthy” diet is difficult to define. But it is certain that you can always do better or healthier in almost all cases or meals. 

Because of me, it doesn’t have to be vegan or paleo, I pick the best from anywhere and combine it into a diet or recipes that are as suitable for everyday use as possible. 

I see it as my job to show people how they can eat better without having more stress and work. I want to inspire people to eat less meat and to appreciate animal foods better. 

I am convinced that most people eat more meat if you want to ban it or force veganism on them. That’s why I constantly create recipes that are vegan or vegetarian, but have a lot of or above all high-quality protein. 

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