Quick coconut milk rice with less calories for athletes

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Interesting too

Howdy Partner, today I served something fresh on the table, there was no other way, I have to find out this recipe and optimize it for home.

The other day I was at Dean & David and was tempted to eat more than I actually wanted with delicious creamy coconut milk rice.

So I’ve now bought several kilos of rice pudding or short grain rice and locked myself in the test kitchen. And lo and behold, vegan, sugar-free (no household sugar), lactose-free and wonderful, the recipe is finally here.

This is something for work and on the go … 

If you try this recipe now, you will find that rice pudding is not necessarily a sweet dish that can only be eaten as a dessert.

Likewise, no household sugar is necessary to create a good taste.

This coconut milk rice recipe can be easily and comfortably prepared in a saucepan and the demanding main task consists of classic stirring and holding the mobile phone in your hand at the same time. The second is not necessary, but mostly comes up by itself.  

As soon as you have finished cooking, you can eat greedily and pack the rest in containers or empty jars after cooling.

The rice pudding keeps well in the refrigerator and even tastes cold. So you have something prepared for breakfast, lunch or a little hunger in between for the coming days.

Do I always have to eat the same thing or what?

You can also easily add variety by adding different fruit each time, so you never have the feeling of eating the same thing again. 

Fast coconut milk rice for on the go

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Quick gluten-free coconut milk rice recipe without added sugar, with fewer calories and more protein for fitness, figure and six packs.


  • 250 g short grain rice or rice pudding

  • 0.5 l water and 0.7 L coconut milk

  • 80 g xylitol or 100 g erythritol

  • 1 pinch salt

  • 1 pinch stevia

  • 1 tsp bourbon vanilla powder or a few drops of vanilla flavor

  • For the sauce (optional)
  • 100 g fresh or frozen fruit per serving (raspberries, strawberries or mango)

  • 1 pinch stevia


  • Bring the water with xylitol, stevia and salt to a simmer.  Then add the rice and simmer for about 10 minutes until the water has almost disappeared.
  • Now add the coconut milk and simmer for about 10 minutes.  Stir regularly and only heat the stove on a low level as the rice can burn easily.
  • Stir in the vanilla, switch off the stove, put a lid on and let it soak for 10 minutes with the residual heat.
  • You can just eat the rice pudding and sprinkle with a little cinnamon.  For a fruit sauce, you have to puree 100 g of fruit per serving with a little stevia and then pour it over the rice pudding.


  • If you use frozen fruits, you should let them thaw a few hours beforehand. With mangoes, however, you should rather use fresh produce.
  • To increase the protein content, you can add some vanilla-flavored vegan protein or vanilla-flavored whey protein to the rice pudding before you let it swell. However, this may make it firmer, so dose slowly. 

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More tips and knowledge on this coconut milk rice recipe

So it saves you work

The recipe is good for preparing or for meal prepping, as it can be kept in the refrigerator.

It does not lose its taste and can also be taken anywhere and enjoyed without warming up. All you have to pack is a spoon.

Why it’s healthier 

In contrast to a finished, industrially produced rice pudding, you have control over the added sugar yourself. In other words, you decide whether to leave out sugar or replace it with xylitol.

The raw berries still have vitamins and more micronutrients, because mostly only cooked fruits are used in finished products.

Compared to apples, bananas or mangoes, berries such as raspberries, blueberries and strawberries can be kept fresh longer in their raw state. They don’t turn brown or lose their taste.

The next day, for example, the taste of pureed raspberries is still the same as the day before. Likewise the appearance. However, you shouldn’t keep them in the refrigerator for longer than 2 days, otherwise it will be acidic. 

Further empirical values ​​from my multitude of attempts to optimize the coconut milk rice recipe: 

  • It doesn’t work that well with whole grain rice. 
  • Mixing raspberry with coconut milk was a good idea, but in practice it didn’t taste good. So just put pure raspberries on top. 
  • Sweetening is useful, but not necessary. Either very little stevia or xylitol. 
  • Absolutely leave out water with the fruit sauces or the pureed berries, because the fruits themselves have enough water. 
  • It is essential to thaw frozen fruits or berries, frozen mangoes usually taste bad when you buy them. Since mango oxidizes in the air, frozen mango cubes usually taste a bit strange in my experience. 
  • Which coconut milk did I use? It was the Aroy-D coconut milk that is used in gastronomy (with approx. 19% coconut oil), this also led to the following nutritional values ​​per 100 g coconut milk rice> 672 KCAL | P = 8 g | K = 70 g | F = 33 g. I left the topic open for me to reduce the fat content. For example, you could reduce the amount of coconut milk and increase the water, but then the question arises as to how it tastes. 
  • The dry rice pudding has a high swelling potential, which I have underestimated several times. So I naively put 500 g of dry rice pudding in a saucepan several times because it doesn’t look like much. But then I had to find out again and again that the rice pudding soaks up huge amounts of liquid until it is finally soft and ready. In the end, a monstrous amount of rice pudding is quickly produced with which you could open a street stall. As a 500 g liquid, consider 125 g dry rice pudding. However, it can be stored well in the refrigerator and eaten throughout the week and also enjoyed cold and taken with you. Seen in this way, we can dismantle the street stall again. 
  • As for spices, my palate thinks vanilla would be good here. However, one should perhaps be cautious about cinnamon. At least if you plan to eat the coconut milk rice with berries, you should perhaps leave out the cinnamon. Because I tried it and somehow I found the cinnamon very irritating – it just didn’t fit. But if you make rice pudding with apple or cherries, then it could again be very appropriate as a spice. But you can’t go wrong with vanilla. 
  • Forget about other milk alternatives such as almond milk or something similar! I’ve tried it several times and the result has always been disappointing. Rice pudding shouldn’t taste like this, I had to force myself to eat it. Rice pudding seems to be a dish that only wants to be cooked with cow’s milk or coconut milk and water. May we grant him this wish. 
  • Can you use all fruits for coconut rice pudding? That’s what I thought at first, but I was already skeptical about the mango. It sure looks cool in the picture and Dean & David love the combination. However, according to my tongue, the combination with berries, especially raspberries, gave me a much better enjoyment moment. I would say the natural acidity in the raspberries creates a stark contrast to the mild coconut rice pudding. On the other hand, mango suddenly tastes a bit weak. But everyone should find out for themselves what their taste buds squirm the most. 
  • A banal but all the more fatal kitchen mistake happened to me when I once left the wooden wooden spoon in the pot when the rice was swelling. Because through regular cooking with onions, the wooden spoon had absorbed a lot of onion flavor and now gave some of it to my rice pudding. When I tried the coconut milk rice, I could actually taste a slight note of steamed onions, which somehow didn’t work at all. 
  • Is rice pudding only used as a sweet dish or dessert? I would say no, because the variant with no added sugar has no more carbohydrates than a pizza. There are no tomatoes included, but as a filling meal at lunchtime, I accept the coconut milk rice completely.
  • Are cashew butter and almond butter also options for the rice pudding? Unfortunately no, the tasty vegan all-rounders have for once found a dish with which they are not optimally compatible. Again, it is coconut milk and cow’s milk that bring the typical, desired rice pudding flavor. The first two variants can absolutely not come close. Although it’s nice to use it to increase the protein content.
  • Should I still add butter somehow to improve the taste? Well, if you’re as skinny as an asparagus, then maybe that makes you feel. But it doesn’t really help to improve the taste. In rice dishes with vegetables, on the other hand, it helps a lot to improve the taste. However, the fat content is already high enough. One would start here at the wrong end. So leave butter by the fish.
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